Why Brew Lager?

Well, why not? Rick and I have always been a bit different (eccentric?) so when Rick was trying to decide on his future career, it only seemed natural to do something a bit alternative and at the time when all the other 100s of microbreweries were making ale and the keg was the vessel of the devil, it seemed the most natural thing to brew lager!

When Rick completed his MBA at Oxford Brookes he ummed and ahhed for a while about what to do. Option 1: should he leave the brewing industry and get a “proper” job? No, I advised him! As someone who had a “grown up job” with a big corporate (management at IBM) I knew that this just wouldn’t suit Rick and that it certainly wouldn’t be as enjoyable, exciting or as fun as being involved in the friendly brewing industry where brewers ring each other up for help. Could you imagine someone from IBM ringing a counterpart in Oracle to get advice on a bit of coding?! Option 2 was going to work in management for a large brewery or brewing related company; I couldn’t imagine Rick in a suit for work purposes (his suits only get very occasional airings at the odd wedding or funeral, for other occasions his idea of smart is getting out of old tracksuit bottoms and not wearing big fluffy socks with Birkenstocks!) and as someone who isn’t very good at organising himself, we thought that he might struggle trying to organise others! Option 3: Set up his own brewery, so that’s what we decided to do!

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