How to Brew – In five simple steps!


1. The brewing process begins with the grinding of the malted barley.


2. The milled malt is mixed with hot water in the ‘mash tun’ to extract its flavours in the same way as coffee grounds are steeped in hot water. At this point the enzymes in the malted barley continue the process of converting starches into smaller fermentable sugars. The resultant sweet liquid is called ‘wort’.


3. The sweet wort is run off into the Brew Kettle. The malt is ‘sparged’ (rinsed) and strained to get the last of the sugars into the solution. The remaining malt husk is called ‘spent grain’, which can be used for baking or feeding livestock . We have eaten our way through many a lamb chop fed on our spent grain!

Hops are added for bitterness, aroma and flavour to the wort in the Brew Kettle. The liquid is brought to a rolling boil then boiled for at least 75 minutes. We have a whizzy whirlpool which forces the hop debris to the bottom of the vessel for easy extraction of clear wort.


4. The wort is then rapidly cooled so that the yeast can be pitched into the wort where it consumes the sugar, releasing alcohol and carbon dioxide (which creates natural carbonation of the beer). Once the sugars are consumed the yeast slows down and the fermentation process is complete.


5. The beer is transferred to conditioning tanks where it will remain to age for days or weeks, depending on the type of beer being brewed.


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