Cotswold Brew Co is one of the oldest lager microbreweries in the UK and the first, unsurprisingly, in the Cotswolds.

We started brewing lager before it was cool, back in the days when it was called “Euro fizz” or “Disco fizz”. You might call us trendsetters but you wouldn’t if you met us! We are a fun, quirky company who love what we do and are proud of being independent and family owned; it means that our outlook is as fresh and undiluted as our beers. We brew lager the way that German and Belgian breweries have been doing for centuries, using only four ingredients (water, hops, malted barley and yeast) although we sprinkle in a little wheat for the Wheat Beer.

We don’t chuck in any awful additives, pesky preservatives or even pasteurise our beer, as they ruin its great flavour. This means that our beer should be kept chilled and consumed quickly (this is referring to the timing of consumption rather than the speed of drinking!)



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